1.9.780 Patch Notes

Patch 1.9.780 is now live on Google Play and the App Store

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General Changes

New Spider Boss

A new Spider boss is now available! It will spawn at the same rate as any non-primary boss, starting from the second boss spawn on Normal/Hard difficulties. On Nightmare and Challenge difficulties it can spawn on the first boss spawn.


On all difficulties, the Spider will spit out several spider eggs. Stomp on them to prevent them from spawning baby spiders! On harder difficulties more eggs will spawn. These baby spiders are quick, low health enemies, but there can be a lot of them!

Starting from Hard difficulty, the spider will leap to the llama, inflicting damage on impact and delivering another basic attack shortly after.

Starting from Nightmare difficulty, the spider will spit webs, slowing llamas and dealing damage for each second the llama stays within range.

Grenade Launcher

A new gun is available for unlock, starting at level 30! The Grenade Launcher is a powerful new option to murder the zombie hoard!

The Grenade Launcher is a unique gun. Most guns on bullet impact, will stop at that enemy, unless Piercing Rounds Ammo Type is selected. The Grenade Launcher works inverse of this, it will pierce all enemies until it hits terrain, then explode on contact there. To optimize your damage, keep zombies farther away and have it pierce them, then explode for a 2-for-1 hit! Or, select the Impact Grenade Ammo Type to have the grenade explode on contact with the first enemy they hit!

It is also the first gun to come with 3 skins! Standard, Golden (unlockable at Grenade Launcher level 10), and the Pumpkin Launcher skin! Upgrade your Grenade Launcher to shoot pumpkins!

Bullet Visibility Update

Before, bullets were sometimes hard to see, making it harder to aim. Now all bullets shoot with a trail, so you can more clearly see where they’re going, and also it looks cooler 🙂

Other Changes

  • Vampire enrage (Nightmare skill) duration shortened.
  • Vampire life reduced.
  • Minigun explosive rounds no longer have a minimum travel distance before explosions can be triggered.
  • Fast zombies are slightly less fast, giving more counter-play opportunities.
  • Added slight dust VFX to all levels.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Shotgun slug configuration issue that made it not pierce any targets and have short range.
  • Zombies will no longer rarely spawn in the air on New York City.
  • Zombie navigation performance bug has been resolved.
  • Fixed: Piercing rounds do not properly reset, resulting in inability to hit the same enemy (usually a boss).
  • Fixed: Vampire enraged particle system not spawning from Vampire mesh.

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