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  • 1.5.603 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.5.603 Patch Notes are below! New Feature: Skins All guns have a new Golden skin that can be unlocked once the gun has been fully leveled to level 10. This skin adds a small amount of bonus damage as a reward for mastering the gun. Skins can be equipped on the Customize gun […]
  • 1.4.583 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.4.583 Patch Notes General Removed unintended particle system from M4A1 Fixed issue where M4A1 was not firing correctly
  • 1.4.582 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.4.582 Patch Notes General New gun: Flamethrower Requires Player Level 30 to unlock. Does not automatically unlock. Bug Fixes Fixed issues when viewing player loadout on leaderboards specifically when a player did not equip a powerup, and Challenge leaderboards. Level 50 players now display with the correct icon color on the leaderboards. Grenade […]
  • 1.3.555 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.3.555 Patch Notes! This patch is focused on leaderboard improvements. General Leaderboards: Display player levels. Allow viewing of player loadout. Allow finding yourself on the leaderboard instead of only the top 10. Leaderboards are displayed on the End Match screen for instant feedback on where you are on the leaderboard. General Improvements: SMAW […]
  • Hotfix Notes
    Hotfix for 1.2.530. Available now on Google Play and the App Store! Changes in this patch: Fixes issue with Ranged Zombies not correctly attacking on Grapevine.
  • 1.2.530 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.2.530 patch is live on Android and iOS! Don’t already have Llama Survival? New Level – Cancun Cancun level is available to all players Level 20 and higher. Featuring a large beach, bar, and interior lobby there’s plenty of space to kite and ball zombies for huge multipliers! Unlike Grapevine, New York City, […]
  • 1.0.487 Patch Notes
    18 May 2020 A hotfix to 1.0.486 was released today as well. This patch addresses the following issues: Very widescreen phones (19.5:9 for example) could not correctly click customize guns or powerup unlocks/boosts Opt-in video advertisements were not showing correctly 1.0.487 is already live on Google Play. The App Store release is pending Apple’s review […]
  • 1.0.486 Patch Notes
    18 May 2020 Initial release of Llama Survival. This release includes the following features Play online with the world across iOS and Android devices. 50 Levels (ranks) 7 Guns 10 Levels per gun 8 Customization options per gun 4 Maps 3 Modes Weekly rotating Challenges Daily Assignments Rewarded daily and weekly leaderboards for each difficulty
    The most llama action packed top-down zombie survival shooter – Llama Survival Now available on Android and iOS! In a world overrun by zombies, one llama fights for survival against the zombie hoard. ? Fight off the zombie hoard on real-world inspired levels across the globe!? Beware of strong bosses with unique skills and abilities!? […]