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  • 1.10.797 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.10.797 Patch Notes! General Changes Boss Balance Changes All bosses behave more like the spider boss now: They stop chasing while they perform an attack (except the Vampire, which will continue to chase while enraged – the Nightmare difficulty skill). To keep them all balanced, they now hit harder and move slightly faster […]
  • 1.9.780 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.9.780 Patch Notes! General Changes New Spider Boss A new Spider boss is now available! It will spawn at the same rate as any non-primary boss, starting from the second boss spawn on Normal/Hard difficulties. On Nightmare and Challenge difficulties it can spawn on the first boss spawn. Abilities On all difficulties, the […]
  • 1.8.747 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.8.747 Patch Notes! Get the update now on the App Store and Google Play! General Level selection has been reworked to provide a cleaner, easier, more consistent way to select your level, game mode, and difficulty. This new menu remembers what you were last playing so you can get back to the action […]
  • 1.7.724 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.7.724 Patch Notes! General Changes Gold prices have changed. On next login, all players will have their current gold multiplied by 10. All prices have gone up 10x or less, so this increase is greater than the new increased prices. Purchasing gold amounts have been updated to reflect the new IAP strategy. Assignments […]
  • 1.6.642 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.6.642 Patch Notes! General Changes AI Navigation Update – Zombies are now more responsive in chasing llamas. See below for more details. Assignments can now be collected for 2x rewards by watching an ad, or still can be collected for normal reward amount without any advertisements. See below for more details. Patch notes […]
  • 1.5.603 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.5.603 Patch Notes are below! New Feature: Skins All guns have a new Golden skin that can be unlocked once the gun has been fully leveled to level 10. This skin adds a small amount of bonus damage as a reward for mastering the gun. Skins can be equipped on the Customize gun […]
  • 1.4.583 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.4.583 Patch Notes General Removed unintended particle system from M4A1 Fixed issue where M4A1 was not firing correctly
  • 1.4.582 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.4.582 Patch Notes General New gun: Flamethrower Requires Player Level 30 to unlock. Does not automatically unlock. Bug Fixes Fixed issues when viewing player loadout on leaderboards specifically when a player did not equip a powerup, and Challenge leaderboards. Level 50 players now display with the correct icon color on the leaderboards. Grenade […]
  • 1.3.555 Patch Notes
    Llama Survival 1.3.555 Patch Notes! This patch is focused on leaderboard improvements. General Leaderboards: Display player levels. Allow viewing of player loadout. Allow finding yourself on the leaderboard instead of only the top 10. Leaderboards are displayed on the End Match screen for instant feedback on where you are on the leaderboard. General Improvements: SMAW […]