1.8.747 Patch Notes

Patch 1.8.747 is now live on Google Play and the App Store

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  • Level selection has been reworked to provide a cleaner, easier, more consistent way to select your level, game mode, and difficulty. This new menu remembers what you were last playing so you can get back to the action faster!
  • Leaderboard popup is now a full page to show more details and provide an easy way to swap between difficulties without having to leave the page.
  • Players may now watch as many advertisements as they would like for more Challenge Mode attempts. This was previously limited to 2x a day.
  • When sales are running, the icon is no longer displayed on some pages to prevent blocking view of important information.

Bug Fixes

  • Cancun – Zombies will no longer spawn on tables and not be able to climb down.
  • New York City – Zombies will no longer spawn outside of the level.
  • Grapevine – Removed a duplicate fence block.
  • Main Menu – Fixed SMAW description of Big Explosion improperly saying it weighted towards rocket impact damage.
  • Tutorial – Lighting clean up.

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