1.7.724 Patch Notes

Patch 1.7.724 is now live on Google Play and the App Store

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General Changes

  • Gold prices have changed. On next login, all players will have their current gold multiplied by 10. All prices have gone up 10x or less, so this increase is greater than the new increased prices.
  • Purchasing gold amounts have been updated to reflect the new IAP strategy.
  • Assignments can now grant experience or gold pieces. Collecting for 2x works the same.
  • Assignments can now be refreshed for 75gp.
  • Max level has been increased to 250. Gold rewards are given from 50-250 at a new increased rate.
  • New items are available for purchase, more details below.
  • Automated sales have been added.
  • Algorithm to choose when to give the option for an extra life has been updated.
  • After completing each round in Classic mode – a 1-3 star rating is given based on how quickly the round was completed and how much damage was taken.
  • Difficulty toggles are now buttons that are easier to select.
  • New Powerup: Perfect Aim – for a short period receive perfect aim with 100% headshot chance. Boost for extra duration!
  • Gun stat bars now reflect accurately how much damage/range/accuracy/RPM/Falloff the gun has. These now update based on selected customization options as well.
  • Gun stat bars are now visible on the gun customization page so you can see how each customization affects the gun (including skins!)
  • AK74u and Minigun are now slightly less accurate by default.
  • SMAW and Flamethrower now have increased damage falloff.
  • Players now must be within 5 levels of when a Powerup or Gun automatically unlocks to purchase the unlock.
  • All guns and powerups now have a fixed unlock cost instead of dynamically priced based on number of levels away from unlocking it automatically.
  • All difficulty levels now have more aggressive zombie spawn rates.

Bug Fixes


  • Skeleton boss attack range has been shortened.
  • Black is now the default background color instead of white.
  • Fixed bug where Flamethrower would deal huge amounts of damage to bosses under certain circumstances.
  • Spawned Scarabs and Skeletons will now be slowed properly when Flamethrower LN2 customization is applied.
  • Flamethrower effects (slow/burn) will not remain after enemies are blown up by a grenade.
  • Selected customization option now appears highlighted when selected.
  • Assignments can no longer be collected infinitely by clicking on invisible buttons.
  • Challenges now correctly have burst spawning enemies.
  • When players have purchased an item and level up to the level that item would be automatically unlocked, they now receive GP instead of nothing.


  • Performance fix for lighting.
  • Slightly updated layout to remove a spot where players with strong enough guns could idle and reach high levels.
  • Fix some lighting issues.

Eagle’s Nest

  • Fixed small visual holes in the ground near rocks in some places where water could be seen.

New York City

  • Added missing colliders to overturned cars that allowed players to get on top of them.


  • Lighting reworked – ceiling over the house and interior lighting provided

New Items

  • New bundles are available. These are only available when a player is a specific level, typically 5 levels below auto unlock level.

For example, the Shotgun automatically unlocks at level 10. At level 5 the Shotgun bundle is available for purchase that grants the shotgun and some GP at a huge discount.

Make sure to check for these bundles when you level up for huge savings!

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