1.3.555 Patch Notes

Patch 1.3.555 is now live on Google Play and the App Store

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Llama Survival 1.3.555 Patch Notes! This patch is focused on leaderboard improvements.



  • Display player levels.
  • Allow viewing of player loadout.
  • Allow finding yourself on the leaderboard instead of only the top 10.
  • Leaderboards are displayed on the End Match screen for instant feedback on where you are on the leaderboard.

General Improvements:

  • SMAW does more direct hit damage to bosses. The SMAW is really good at clearing large amount of zombies, but fighting bosses is tedious. This will be monitored throughout this release to see if additional changes are necessary.
  • Zombie pathing has been updated, the faster zombies will now push slower zombies out of the way in their attempt to eat the llama. Bosses no longer “stack” on top of each other and also push other zombies out of the way instead of just walking through them.
  • Boss “adds” (Mummy’s Scarabs and the Skeleton’s skeleton spawns) have more health now. They were too easy to clear and didn’t add much of a challenge.
  • Powerups now show in game which ones have been boosted.

Eagle’s Nest:

  • Trees are no longer “sticky”. They now act like other obstacles and walls – “bouncing” the llama off them instead of losing all momentum.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing new users from setting their user name.
  • You can no longer boost powerups to equip more than the allowed amount for your chosen game mode (1 for Time Trial, 2 for Classic).
  • Fixed an issue with rewarded ads still sometimes not granting extra life when playing multiple games.

Other Changes

Some performance optimizations have been made.

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