1.11.942 Patch Notes

Patch 1.11.942 is now live on Google Play and the App Store

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General Changes

  • Performance improvements
  • Graphics improvements on all levels
  • Llama looks more llama-esque
  • Control inputs are now more responsive
  • Speed of the game has been tweaked
  • Zombies can now make more than 1 sound on death
  • Removed 30/60 fps mode and default to 60fps mode
  • Animation improvements on enemies who can jump
  • Added iOS 14 Tracking Transparency
  • Balancing changes across all difficulties
    • Powerup duration balance changes
    • Perfect Aim duration reduced
    • Double Damage duration reduced
    • Double Experience slightly increased
    • Rapid Fire duration slightly increased

Bug Fixes

  • Sale notification works better on screens with notches.
  • Zombie pathing improved so they don’t hop back and forth over jumps.
  • Multikill notification now works properly at high kill counts.
  • Free video allowance will now always be granted daily
  • Blood particles will no longer spawn with enemies

New York City

  • New York City has been completely rebuilt. New buildings, better looking textures, higher quality lighting, and reduced the overall playable area to keep the action flowing.


  • Chicago has been completely rebuilt. New buildings, better looking textures, tree size adjustments, and higher quality lighting. Some tweaks were made to the layout to keep the action flowing.

Grapevine and Tutorial

  • The house now has a roof!

Eagle’s Nest

  • Adjustments were made to the tree setup so they’re less dark.


  • Some general performance improvements and technical improvements were made here. Water color was made slightly lighter.

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