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Action | Twin-stick shooter

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May 17, 2020


Android | iOS

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In a world overrun by zombies, one llama fights for survival. As players level up they unlock new cities to survive in. There are 2 basic modes: Classic and Time Trial.

In Classic mode, you play until you die. Zombies spawn in waves/rounds that get harder and harder until eventually players succumb to their might. In this mode players can equip up to 2 powerups.

In Time Trial, there is 3 minute time limit with a constant onslaught of zombies spawning and getting stronger. In this mode players are challenged to get the highest kill combo multiplier to get the top score since most of the time, skilled players can successfully survive the 3 minutes. In this mode players can equip a single powerup.

There’s a bonus Challenge mode that is always a time limited mode where players are granted a powerup for the full duration of the game. In this mode the zombies are the most powerful of any mode and all but the most skilled players will not be able to complete it.


  • Choose your gun. Glock? Deagle? Shotgun? Minigun? You decide.
  • Customize your gun. Improve accuracy. Increase Damage. Shoot faster.
  • Choose your powerups. Health, double damage, 100% headshot chance. Which will you choose?
  • Customize your loadout to power up your guns with better accuracy, stronger bullets, and different fire modes.
  • Play on real-world inspired levels from across the world! Save a small town in Texas. Clear the zombies from the hotel resort in Cancun! Survive in the forest at Eagle’s Nest.
  • Compete for the top spot on Daily and Weekly leaderboards free in-app currency! Each difficulty has its own leaderboard. Can you keep the top spot?




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About Llama Software

Llama Software is a one-man-show development shop headquartered in Grapevine Texas. It started out as a dream – become the best video game development studio in the world. Llama Software has been releasing software since 2011, and officially became a company in 2017!

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