Get ready for the most llama action packed top-down zombie survival shooter!

In a world overrun by zombies, one llama fights for survival against the zombie hoard.

Fight off the zombie hoard on real-world inspired levels across the globe!

Many levels are generated from REAL WORLD ENVIRONMENTS. Through detailed map data available, you’ll be playing in an environment that exists in the real world.

Beware of strong bosses with unique skills and abilities!

Each boss gains more abilities as you fight on higher difficulties, and all bosses have been uniquely designed to bring different gameplay challenges and mechanics to defeat.

Choose from a variety of weapons, customization options, and powerups to survive as long as you can!

Each gun has at least 9 customization options to improve accuracy, damage falloff, fire mode, or bullet type. Choose the loadout that best suits your playstyle and the playstyle of the level you’re playing on!

Find your optimal loadout to claim the top spot on the global, cross-platform leaderboards for great rewards!

Your friend plays on iOS and you’re on Android? No problem. The leaderboards are cross platform so you can compete against your friends, even if they don’t have your same mobile OS.