Patch Notes

1.10.797 Patch Notes

Llama Survival 1.10.797 Patch Notes!

General Changes

Boss Balance Changes

All bosses behave more like the spider boss now: They stop chasing while they perform an attack (except the Vampire, which will continue to chase while enraged – the Nightmare difficulty skill). To keep them all balanced, they now hit harder and move slightly faster to make up for the stops in movement.

New Default Game Mode

New players will default to the Time Trial game mode instead of the Endless mode (formerly known as “Classic”). Since most players, especially new users, are looking for a short in-and-out kind of game, the Time Trial makes the most sense to default users into.

The game will still remember the last game mode you played on and default you back to that, don’t worry!

Other Changes

  • Fixed navmesh issue on Chicago for Scarabs